What's New - Version 0.9.0

In this new version we are building the application within the Drupal 6 framework. We are taking advantage of the Signup module, Clone node, RSS feeds, TinyMCE, CCK + Views and the core Drupal functionality.

Version 0.9.0 - December 2008

Lots. Some of the advantages of using Drupal as the application framework is that I can decommission all the custom code originally written in 2000 and updated infrequently over the years. So, security is better, user management is easier and roles based permissions make it an easier tool to support.

In addition, we're able to take advantage of improved user interface options including jQuery, TinyMCE; a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor that makes it easier to write and format event descriptions.

The signup module is the guts of this update. This Drupal module allows users to register and provides the email confirmation and reminder messages. The Signup module also allows event owners to track attendance, add registrants, and broadcast email messages as necessary. While some of these features were available in earlier Events Manager versions, these tools work better and require less support to maintain.

What happened to version 0.8.0? Well, I had a new version of the code base taken from a Fusebox 3 implementation into CakePHP. I was getting most of the functionality created when I started getting into Drupal training and development. So, over the Christmas break, I prototyped and tested the Drupal version; thus abandoning the CakePHP version.

What's not in this version?

I haven't figured out how to handle sub-events (events with workshops).

Optional fields in the Signup module. For now, we're stuck with just the basic information (name, email, phone, affiliation). When the Signup module can handle fieldsets, I'll work on this feature again.