What is the Events Manager?

The Events Manager is a multi-user tool for creating and managing the web-based registration process for events. Authenticated users are allowed to create and post events. Events are listed in the main display. The public facing view allows for registrants to browse, select and register for events. Registrants receive an email confirmation of their registration.

Events Manager Features The Events Manager offers event owners a small set of features that enable them to manage their events. Event owners are allowed to create, update, duplicate and delete events within the system. Event owners are also able to view the names of people who have RSVP'd for their event and generate email to their attendees. Events may be active or inactive. Events that have slipped into the past can be shown if necessary.

Events can be "owned" and "managed" by different user types. Often we have an Event that has a contact person who is not the Event Owner. New in this version is the notion of the Instructor user type. Events can be configured to send email (via a cc of the registrant email receipt) to each or none of the user types.

Events can have "sub-events" allowing for a Conference to have multiple workshops associated with the conference. These eases the problem of having to register for each and every event you wish to attend.