Waiting Lists and Signup Status

Waiting Lists

A waiting list is used to hold signups that are above the number of open enrollment limit. All events that accept Signups will be using a status of Open for their enrollment limit. When the enrollment limit is reached, the next person who tries to signup will receive a warning message alerting them to select the Waiting List status from the drop down on the registration form.

Event owners need to understand two numbers; the enrollment limit and the waiting list limit. You will want to select numbers for both if you need the waiting list functionality. Otherwise, you may use 0 in the enrollment limit which means "unlimited enrollment".

Signup Status

Underlying the Signup features is the concept of enrollment status. Typically, an event that is accepting signups has a status of "Open". When an enrollment limit is met, the events' enrollment limit should change to something else. That can be "Closed" or "Waiting List".

Other statues are possible, but beyond what I can support at this time.

Enrollment Limit

Enrollment Limit image

In the image above, we are setting the enrollment limit to 3 for this event. This event status is "open" until it closes after receiving 3 signups. Had we left this number at 0, it means that we unlimited enrollment for this event.

Signup Status and Waiting Lists

In the image below, we can see that the Open and Waitlist statuses have both been set to an enrollment limit of 3. Further, we can see that we have received 2 signups for the event.

Signup status screen

Reaching the Limit

When the event reaches its limit for the Open status, we need to present the next signup with new instructions. These new instructions need to be both visible to the user so that they know something has changed and the email receipt needs to reflect that while we have accepted their signup, that they are on the Waiting List and not actually enrolled.

In the image below, note the red system message to the user trying to enroll. At the bottom of the registration form, you can see that the Status drop down is highlighted in red alerting the user that they need to select a different signup status.

Reaching the limit

When the user selects Waiting List from the Status drop down, their signup is accepted. Because they are on the Waiting List, their email receipt has a different message. We can set the messages in the Signup status e-mail tab of the event.

In the image below, you can see that we've changed the subject line for the Waiting List status to be different than the message sent to signups in the Open status.

Waiting list email receipt