Managing Your Event

Managing your event includes the creation of an event (title, description, date, time, location, etc.) and reviewing the signups of people who have registered for your event. Event Owners need to login to the system and navigate to the Signup tab on their event. Within the Signup tab are a number of features used to administer your event. These included attendance lists, add or cancel signups, modify email messages and settings for your event.

The administer tab provides a summary of the status of your event. You may change the status of your event from open to closed in this menu. You can see the total signups received to-date, review the signup count by status (open or waiting lists), and change signup limits. Read the Enrollment Limit and Waiting List help pages for more specific information on those topics.

The signup list tab provides a list of individuals who have registered for your event.

The settings tab has a number of configuration options including the addition of extra fields, the ability to send a copy of incoming registration information to one or more email addresses, change the default email reminder message and change signup limit numbers. 

The add tab allows for the Event Manager to create signups for individuals on the fly.

The signup broadcast tab allows an Event Manager to send notices to individuals who have already registered for an event.

The signup status e-mail tab allows for email messages to be sent to people who have registered for an event where the status of the event may have changed. For instance, if the status of the waiting list changes to open, individuals on the waiting list can receive a notice.

Sample Email Receipt

You can paste this into the email receipt for your event to provide further information.

You have successfully registered for the event: %node_title

Date: %node_start_time
Location: [field_location-formatted]

If you have additional questions about your registration or the event, please contact the event owner: