How to create a waiting list


Create an event with an enrollment limit of 3. When the 4th person tries to register, they should get a notice letting them know that they can register, but they will be placed on a waiting list.


  • Create an event. Provide details for title, descriptions, start date, end date, location, contact, unit. New is the "Events tag". Provide a one or two word label describing the event; workshop, training, meeting, presentation are all appropriate "tags".
  • Edit your event signup settings. Using the Signup tab, navigate to the Settings sub-tab.
    • In this window you can accept the default email reminder, or customize your email receipt on a per-event basis.
    • At the bottom of the window is the Signup limit type setting. You can have a single limit for your event or you can establish a limit and a waiting list. Here's the definition.
    • A limit on total signups means that if you select 20, that when you get 20 signups, the event will "close" and not take further signups.
    • Separate limits for each signup status means that you can have 20 signups while the event is "open". The 21st signup will generate an message to the user that the event is now full and that they can signup for the waiting list.
  • Save your signup settings.
  • If you choose to use a waiting list, you should click the Signup status e-mail tab. We need to create a different email receipt for users who are being placed on the waiting list.
  • Make your edits and click save.