How to create an enrollment limit


Establish an enrollment limit for an event. Close the event to further signups upon meeting the enrollment limit.


  • Create an event. Provide details for title, descriptions, start date, end date, location, contact, unit. New is the "Events tag". Provide a one or two word label describing the event; workshop, training, meeting, presentation are all appropriate "tags".
  • Edit your event signup settings. Using the Signup tab, navigate to the Settings sub-tab.
    • In this window you can accept the default email reminder, or customize your email receipt on a per-event basis.
    • At the bottom of the window is the Signup limit type setting. You can have a single limit for your event or you can establish a limit and a waiting list. Here's the definition.
    • A limit on total signups means that if you select 20, that when you get 20 signups, the event will "close" and not take further signups.
    • Select Limit on total signups and provide the number.
  • Click Save